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April 23rd

Love Works is an effort of the Somerville Baptist Church to demonstrate love to the Morgan County communities.

Love gives expecting nothing in return. Love is patient. Love is kind. It never fails (I Corinthians 13).

Love Works Projects

  • Free haircuts by professional stylist in the South Foyer
  • Free oil changes and basic car care in the back parking lot
  • Free car wash at Priceville/Decatur Business (no donations accepted)
  • Somerville Brush clean-up on property across from the church
  • Priceville clean-up/beautification project (to be named by Mayor Duran)
  • Park breakfast service project
  • Business breakfast service project
  • Civil Servant Lunch Delivery to on-site locations
  • Shut-in yard projects
  • Nursing Home/Retirement Home Nail Service
  • Lunch at Local Shelter Project
  • Free Lemonade/Coffee at local grocery store (children)