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Health Updates from the Lewis Family

The Lewis family would like to thank everyone for your thoughtful gifts sent to the hospital. However, due to the high risk of infections, Pastor is not able to accept any deliveries. This includes flowers, edible arrangements, food, etc. Thank you again for your love, support, & mostly prayers!

Update from Joy (3/1/18)

Shane was admitted to the hospital again today to be monitored more closely after receiving the fourth part of the chemo treatment plan this week. There were a couple of numbers that weren't quite where they needed to be so to be on the safe side, the doctor wanted him at the hospital. The chemo treatments he's receiving aren't typically done on an outpatient basis, so we feel blessed to [...]

Finally Going Home! (2/16/18)

Because the counts were dropping and there was no known reason for that, Shane was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday... he was given blood that night, lots of blood work done... and another biopsy to see if the leukemia was returning. We praise the Lord that we just got the results that the biopsy they did came back completely clear! It's been a very long 3 days of doing [...]

Blood Work Checkup (2/14/18)

We learned Tuesday at a routine blood work checkup that the counts are dropping and the doctor does not know why this is happening. Shane was admitted into Huntsville Hospital for further testing and closer monitoring. We ask that you pray that the doctors have great wisdom in determining and treating the cause and that the counts come up. He has no fever, pain, or other symptoms that would point [...]

Update on Pastor Lewis (1/9/2018)

We are so completely overwhelmed by the miraculous answer to prayer this morning. Concerning Pastor Lewis, there is no sign of any leukemia cells in ALL the testing done on the bone marrow biopsy on Friday. Zero. None. They're not there. We asked Dr. Diaz what we should tell people and he said, "You are in complete remission and we could not possibly have any better results." All blood counts [...]

Update on Pastor Lewis (12/30/2017)

UPDATE FROM MRS. JOY ON PASTOR’S HEALTH: We are thankful for steady improvement the last 2 days with no fever spikes. The doctors seem to have figured out the right combination of medications to fight the infections going on. White counts are slowly improving and he is gaining a little more strength each day. We thank you so much for your fervent prayers through this unexpected set back this week. [...]