Because the counts were dropping and there was no known reason for that, Shane was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday… he was given blood that night, lots of blood work done… and another biopsy to see if the leukemia was returning. We praise the Lord that we just got the results that the biopsy they did came back completely clear! It’s been a very long 3 days of doing nothing much but waiting for that answer. We are rejoicing!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL FERVENT PRAYERS!!!! He still has no fever, no pain, and no other symptoms so the doctor believes his body is just taking longer to recover this round. To top it off, WE ARE GOING HOME TONIGHT! This is after the on call doctor told us that wasn’t feasible because it’s too late in the day for him to get it all taken care of…. BUT out of nowhere, OUR doctor showed up in our room ON HIS DAY OFF just to share in our good news and work out the discharge for tonight! We are so thankful for Dr. Diaz! He truly cares about so much more than the medical part. Once again, we are SO grateful for all the love, concern, and most of all faithful prayers as we continue on this journey. ONLY GOD!