Shane was admitted to the hospital again today to be monitored more closely after receiving the fourth part of the chemo treatment plan this week. There were a couple of numbers that weren’t quite where they needed to be so to be on the safe side, the doctor wanted him at the hospital. The chemo treatments he’s receiving aren’t typically done on an outpatient basis, so we feel blessed to have been able to stay home this week. The doctor expects these numbers to be gotten under control pretty quickly with IV medication, and thinks we’ll be back home very soon. We appreciate all the prayers so much. Please continue to pray for protection and healing.
We stay tonight in the very SAME room where his chemo treatments started on the morning of November 24…. the morning our dear Somerville family lined the highway showing their love, support, and prayers as we left for the hospital for a very long stay …. God sure has done some AMAZING things since that day and we are now half way through the treatments. We are so blessed!