We are thankful for steady improvement the last 2 days with no fever spikes. The doctors seem to have figured out the right combination of medications to fight the infections going on. White counts are slowly improving and he is gaining a little more strength each day. We thank you so much for your fervent prayers through this unexpected set back this week.
Looking ahead, the next thing on the agenda (after his counts come up) is another bone marrow biopsy. The surface results of the last biopsy showed no blasts and complete remission. After more specified very in depth testing, there was some concern due to a very small percentage of suspicious cells. This specific testing on the bone marrow needs to be at 0-5% blasts to be considered normal range. His was at 5-10%. This is why they do the “consolidation phase” of chemo (done last week) …. to hopefully clear out the “straggler” blasts and confirm complete remission. The doctor is very positive about this happening. THIS IS THE BIGGEST PRAYER REQUEST RIGHT NOW! PLEASE begin specifically praying that ALL testing done on the bone marrow next week will show no more than 5% blasts. Also, continued prayers for no more infections or other complications.

We continue to be overwhelmed by our friends and family and even people we don’t know. The love and support and PRAYERS are what has kept us going and we know God has worked miraculously already because of so many fervently bringing us before the throne. Please continue to do so! We love you all and thank God daily for the people He has placed in our life!