The Pastor’s Prayer Partners is a group of men who agree to join in a rotating schedule to pray for Pastor Lewis and the worship services during the Sunday morning and evening services. The men will meet in the War Room prior to the service and pray throughout the service. These men also agree to pray on a regular basis for Pastor Lewis and the Somerville Family. A schedule will be sent out bi-monthly, and also posted in the Sunday bulletin for that particular day.



  1. Pray that Christ will be exalted, lifted high, and glorified in the service.
  2. Pray that our souls will be cleansed and prepared for acceptable worship this morning.
  3. Pray that that the Holy Spirit will be free to move and work effectually among us during the service.
  4. Pray that the music will set the right atmosphere for worshiping the Lord and prepare our hearts for the hearing and receiving of God’s Word.
  5. Pray that the unsaved will come today to begin a personal relationship with God.
  6. Pray that the uncommitted will renew their commitment to Christ.


    1. Pray that the pastor will preach under the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.
    2. Pray that the pastor will speak boldly and confidently without fear of reprisal.
    3. Pray that the pastor will experience clarity of thought without distraction.
    4. Pray that the pastor will experience the physical health he needs to preach.
    5. Pray that we will encourage the pastor as he preaches God’s Word.



  1. Pray that we will be united in one accord rather than exhibiting a divisive and/or contentious spirit.
  2. Pray that our eyes and ears will be open and our hearts receptive to God’s Word as it is preached.
  3. Pray that the discouraged, weak, weary among us will be refreshed, strengthened, and energized.
  4. Pray that the strongholds will be cast down as we are obedient to God’s Word.
  5. Pray that we will be equipped for the service He has called us to by what we hear.


  1. Pray that we will apply the Word sown by being a blessing to others, making a spiritual difference in someone’s life, and taking advantage of every opportunity to support the needs of the church and witness to the lost.
  2. Pray that God will put a hedge of protection around our pastors, leaders, and their families as they minister to the needs of the flock, prepare for the next service, and plan for the years to come.