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  • My Vision/Upcoming surgery

    Request Type: Prayer
    I am an 82 year old lady that is requesting prayer for my vision. I am scheduled to have surgery in December and I would love for you to pray with me that my vision doesn't get any worse before then. I am slowly loosing my sight. I listen to the radio broadcast and the Pastor said I could call in with this request. Thank you so much!
    Prayer Submitted by Mary Oshiro on October 4, 2017
  • Pray for my children

    Request Type: Prayer
    My Son's name is Beau. My Daughters name is Holly. They were both in a Christian School and in a good Bible believing church every time the door was opened. They have both made a profession of faith when they were young. My Son is now in a homosexual relationship and my daughter is a Tattoo Artist and lives with a guy. Please pray for both of them. I know prayer is the most important thing to be done for them and I appreciate it very much. Their Mom
    Prayer Submitted by Anonymous on September 29, 2017
  • Disability money

    Request Type: Prayer
    Agree Ill get my disability money continuisly.😊😘😄😚
    Prayer Submitted by Haven Hair on September 29, 2017
  • Healing

    Request Type: Prayer
    Thinking I am healthy I have discovered I have the tick related allergy (alpha gal) and now having thyroid issues possibly thyroid cancer please pray for God to lay his healing hand on me.
    Prayer Submitted by Jean on September 11, 2017