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Please pray for my manager Brett and Marcis. They both need Jesus. Thanks,
Prayer Submitted by CAROL on April 11, 2017

son has cancer

Please pray for my son Collin Peterson he has aortic/heart cancer which mastisized from Pancreatic cancer. God healed him from pancreatic cancer and I know he will do the same with this. Bless you for all you do and thank you so much.
Prayer Submitted by vicky wagner on May 10, 2017

Urgent- Please Reply

I'd like to request prayer for my aunt Donna. She has been in remission from stage 4 colo-rectal ​cancer for 1.5 years but recently found out her cancer has returned. She started chemo again on 3/31/17. Please pray specifically that the chemo treatments are as successful as the last rounds and that she is completely healed.
Prayer Submitted by Lexi Johnson on April 9, 2017

Healing and Finances

Please pray and agree with me for me to be healed now. The Dr has said I am in complete total kidney failure. my hair is falling out in patches. My body is covered with an incurable disease on my skin and some burns.It has spread to my face. I have to take a round of new test on Monday.The Dr said they the test must show improvement and progress. I really can't take much more. With all of this now I can't work, please pray for an increase in my finances and my marriage of 30 yrs. Thank you so very much.
Prayer Submitted by Pat H on April 20, 2017