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Prayers for Keller and Byrum Families

Please pray for my cousins! My Uncle Harold Keller was just called home to be with our Lord. Also, my cousin Dewight Byrum is being laid to rest today. Please pray for his wife, children, parents and family.
Prayer Submitted by Teresa England on February 19, 2016


PLease pray for me. I have ringing in my ears and most every sound is loud. Thank you. I lsten to you on WGMJ
Prayer Submitted by Randy Wilkinson on January 22, 2016


Please pray for me. I have ringing in my ears. And noise when I eat. Thank you and God Bless. I listen to you on WGMJ in Jacksonville
Prayer Submitted by Randy on February 17, 2016


​I'd like to request prayer for my aunt Donna. She has been in remission from stage 4 colo-rectal ​cancer for 3 years but recently found out her cancer has returned in one of her lymph nodes. She starts chemo again on 12/29/2015. Please pray specifically that she has minimal side effects from the chemo and that it is successful in killing all of the cancer cells. She would also love prayer for wisdom in regard to what she can do to take care of her body during treatments (what to eat, supplements to take, ect). Please also pray for the wisdom of her doctors and treatment teams as they determine the best plan going forward. Thanks so much!
Prayer Submitted by Lexi Johnson on December 31, 2015


I will be having surgery on my foot on Wednesday April 13. this is the same foot in which I had the infection last year. I will be in a cast and off work for at least 8 weeks. Thank you, Steve
Prayer Submitted by STEVE HOLSOMBACK on April 12, 2016